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October 28th, 2009

Album: Katatonia – Night Is The New Day

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Night Is The New Day
Peaceville Records
02 November 2009

by Wrigz

It’s been three years since The Great Cold Distance, Katatonia’s last physical release. Needless to say, the latest offering from these Swedish atmospheric doom merchants Night Is The New Day is rather eagerly anticipated…let’s just say that fans will not be disappointed.

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Anders Nystrom tells us himself that the focus and purpose of Katatonia is to “channel the negative aspects of living into artistic creativity” and with opener ‘Forsaker’, Katatonia deliver a darker, heavier flavour that decadently captures Nystrom’s bold statement. It is an epic statement of intent that flows through the album like a river of decay.

Katatonia’s signature haunting vocals, synthetic backbeats and edgy guitar lines are all present in this album. But as a whole it offers a greater depth. The electronics, when they fire in, are more pronounced and the guitars are heavier. Rather than painting a bleak traditional Katatonian landscape, the guys add an almost treacherous depth to their sonic vision with the likes of ‘The Longest Year’. Jonas Renske’s vocal talents penetrate with haunting messages of despair and ‘The Promise of Deceit’ cuts through with barren simplicity allowing the focus to lie on Renske hypnotic melodies.

Katatonia are more than a desolate one trick pony and Night Is The New Day reaches out to a wider audience with musical elements ranging from Porcupine Tree-esque progression to My Dying Bride’s despair. This album well and truly extinguishes the light still coming from the embers of ‘The Great Cold Distance’ and delivers an epic and uncompromising slice of music.

Watch the video to ‘My Twin’ by Katatonia…it’s not on this album, but hey.

Katatonia stand proud as one of the fore runners of the doom laced rock movement. Night Is The New Day delivers a blindingly good orchestrated soundscape. It is a perfect example showing how Jonas Renske and Co not only helped define the genre but they also have a massive influence in shaping its forward movement.


Sounds Like: My Dying Bride, Serotonal … the desolate build up to a dark and twisted Halloween
Top Tracks: Forsaker, The Promise Of Deceit, Nephilim

Katatonia – Night Is The New Day tracklisting
The Longest Year
Idle Blood
Onward Into Battle
The Promise Of Deceit
New Night
Day & Then The Shade
Ashen (*Swedish Edition CD and Vinyl Edition bonus track)



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