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October 9th, 2009

Album: Saviours – Accelerated Living

Saviours promo photo 2009 credit: Taija Lynn Thrash Hits

Accelerated Living
Kemado Records
26 October 2009

by Jon Kerr

Down-tuning, singing about the occult and getting as stoned on the sweet leaf as possible – just some of the cornerstones of metal that Black Sabbath pioneered. Stoner metal still owes a huge debt to albums like Master of Reality, and it’s not too high praise to say that Accelerated Living by Saviours can sit comfortably beside that record.

Saviours Accelerated Living cover artwork packshot Thrash Hits

But Accelerated Living is far from a one-trick-pony. Its a brutal, filter-less fifty minutes of raw expression on which the whole band give their instruments everything their oxygen-deprived limbs can throw at them. Band founder, Austin Barber, has managed to recruit himself a new guitarist for this release in the shape of Sonny Reinhardt (formerly of Oakland thrashers, Watch Them Die) and fuck me if he hasn’t raised their game.

The riffage, soloing and general noise on the zip-along ‘We Roam’ and thrashtastic ‘Slave to the Hex’ will make your head spin, making you think Lemmy himself has invited Exodus and Black Flag round and called their mothers something unrepeatable.  If there’s any weakness at all, it’s that Barber’s voice is always at full stretch and knows nothing of tonal variation, but get yourself two earfulls of the mammoth ‘Eternal High’ and you’ll know that doesn’t really matter. This record is all about vibe.

Watch Saviours talking nonsense and enjoying some “special cigarettes” with Raz

That Saviours are from Oakland, California will invite comparison to the likes of Neurosis and High on Fire – and to be fair, the comparisons are worth considering. With Accelerated Living however, it’s time to add their recent tourmates The Sword and even our very own Orange Goblin into that mix. You can’t wimp out with this album – it needs to be played at full volume and once it’s grabbed you by the family jewels it ain’t letting go.


Sounds like: The Sword, High on Fire, Orange Goblin
Top Tracks: We Roam, Livin’ In The Void, Slave to the Hex

Saviours – Accerated Living tracklisting
Acid Hand
We Roam
Livin’ in the Void
Burnin’ Cross
Slave to the Hex
The Rope of Carnal Knowledge
Apocalypse World Split
Eternal High



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