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October 13th, 2009

EXCLUSIVE!! Charlie Simpson enjoys drinking Jagermeister from the tap too much to reform Busted

fightstar 2009 band promo photo charlie simpson thrash hits

In all fairness, after the fourth Jagerbomb, most people like to drink it straight from the tap. The problem that most people have, however, is that their taps usually have water coming out of them. This is something that is good for rinsing the taste of Red Bull out of your mouth. Bleh.

Just look how much fun they’re having! That cheeky scamp, Omar is about to send a purple gush down Dan’s gullet while Al naps and… and… Charlie’s just standing there posing! Bloody hell, stick a camera in front of some folk.

fightstar jagermeister tap launch camden lockside lounge thrash hits

Yeah. This photo proves that Charlie Simpson is actually a fun guy. He’s throwing the horns, he’s probably a bit wankered and his poo’s gonna smell of Jager in the morning, but he’s definitely fun.

I’m pointing out that he’s fun because his former Busted bandmate, Matt Willis said that he’s not. He said this on his Twitter, where he also says things like, “Amazing how much fun I can get out of the big tescos!!!” Yes. It really is amazing.

Right! Busted! In answer to when are getting back together.. I honestly don’t know! But I like to think we have serious unfinished buisiness

I don’t know if Charlie would do it or not and I don’t really care! Charlie was not fun to be in a band with towards the end’

An I’m not sure I would want to be in a band again with him! I do still think Charlie is a cool guy but just made things a bit misarable

He would be MISARABLE!! And a crappy speller as well. Willis was clearly not the secretary of the band but another point the apparent buffoon forgot to (was unable to) think about was that Fightstar are about to embark on a pretty reasonably sized headline tour.

21 Cambridge Corn Exchange
22 Exeter Lemongrove
23 Oxford Academy
25 Glasgow Barrowlands
26 Newcastle University
27 Manchester Academy
29 Leeds Met University
30 Birmingham Academy
31 London Shepherds Bush Empire

02 Portsmouth Pyramids
05 Dublin Academy 2
06 Belfast Spring and Airbrake

We haven’t asked for an official quote from Charlie about this because we’re about as bothered by it all as he is. And he’ll probably be too busy finding out if he can drink Jager from a tap through his nose.



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