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October 7th, 2009

Londoners: Come to the FREE ‘Until The Light Takes Us’ afterparty tonight

Until The Light Takes Us promo photo Thrash Hits

Colour us excited – not only does tonight see the first public screening of Until The Light Takes Us, the brand spanking-new black metal documentary from Audrey Ewell and Aaron Aites, but there’s also going to be a free afterparty for the film taking place at The Intrepid Fox afterwards. BLACK METAL PARTY TIME.

Receiving its UK premiere as part of the Raindance Film Festival, Until The Light Takes Us is the first – and presently only – black metal documentary with contributions from both pre- and post-prison Varg Vikernes. Convicted murderer and church-burner he may be, but Until The Light Takes Us promises to deliver the first in-depth interviews with the man for years. Aites and Ewell spent two years living in Oslo to get in with Vikernes and the other key figures at the early-90s Norwegian Black Metal scene. As well as Vikernes, the film has extensive contributions from the often media-shy Fenriz, as well as members of Immortal, Satyricon, Emperor, and many other leading infamous Black Metal musicians.

Watch the trailer to Until The Light Takes Us

We spoke with Audrey and Aaron the other week (expect something fancy to come from that meeting very soon….) but we thought we’d share this tidbit from Aaron with you:

“Abbath [from Immortal] always reminds me of Sean Connery”

If that hasn’t got you excited about this documentary, then you’re an idiot. Even though the screening is tonight, there are a whopping SIX tickets left – if you want one then get your bloody act together and buy your tickets now. Thrash Hits will be there, and we’ll see you down the Fox afterwards too.

Here’s the flyer for tonight’s afterparty – look’s good, don’t it? Come along and we’ll buy you a beer.




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