Thrash Hits

October 25th, 2009

Sunday Spotify Slaylist: Halloween Special

Ozzy Halloween Sunday Spotify Slaylist Thrash Hits

Yeah we know – Halloween isn’t till next Saturday. But if we waited till next Sunday to post our Halloween-themed Slaylist, we’d end up posting the it after Halloween had finished – and what the fuck is the point in that?

This one was a shoe-in, to be honest. Metal’s obessession with the ghoulish and the grotesque means there’s simply too much for us to choose from. So the Slaylist we’ve ended up with is a mix of the obvious (Ozzy and The Misfits), the not-so-obvious (The Cramps and Every Time I Die) and the bloody-tenuously-linked-at-best (80s Matchbox and Breed 77). Okay, and some Cradle of Filth too.

Spotify are still limiting new free users to their service, but since we’ve got an absolute shedload of invites anyone who hasn’t downloaded Spotify already can just send us an email and we’ll get you sorted quick-snap. Yes, we are that awesome.

Listen to our Sunday Spotify Slaylist: Halloween Special

Watch the video to ‘Blood Fever’ by Send More Paramedics

We went to our first Halloween party last night, and the music was nowhere near as good as our Slaylist. People kept stealing bits of our costume as we got progressively drunker. Normally that sort of thing would make us angry, but when you’re hanging out in a room full of people dressed as monsters, serial killers and corpses, we’ll accept a little light theft as par of the course.