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October 13th, 2009

Why Grady Avenell rejoining Will Haven is the best thing to happen this year

Original vocalist and songwriter, Grady Avenell has rejoined the mighty Will Haven. That’s not news any more but Luke Morton is still really bloody happy about it. Actually, everyone at Thrash Hits is happy about it.

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It’s finally fucking happened! The original visceral vocalist Grady Avenell from supreme metallers Will Haven has rejoined his compadres for a new album and every metal fan everywhere is throwing their horns and starting circle pits in the street in celebration. If you’re not then leave quietly.

Since Will Haven first came onto the scene they’ve been absolutely mind blowing in their constant yearning to create a bigger and better record than the one before it. The debut in itself is enough to cause anyone to form a hardcore band on the spot, regardless of musical ability.

Will Haven are the band you could see yourself being one day. They weren’t giant humongoid superstars playing to millions of people, they were regular guys playing in your local rock venue trying to make a name for themselves.

The brilliance of WHVN is more than enough to get excited over by Avenell’s return. Opener ‘Fresno’ in 1999 was exactly what the metal scene needed when the nu-metal ‘movement’ was beginning to kick off, a musical gut shot of pure metal. It was the kids who liked Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit, it was the music fans who listened to Will Haven. Grady Avenell is leagues above Fred Durst in terms of ability and more importantly song-writing.

He wrote songs for all of Will Haven’s LPs, although he didn’t perform on 2007’s The Hierophant as he was focusing on his family. (What a guy!) Yes, he left the band to go and do his thing, but he didn’t leave them in the shit did he? Oh no!

Even though he didn’t want to be a part of the recording process and leave his wife for months, he still wrote songs for what was essentially his band. It was obvious something was missing after Avenell left, yes the lyrics were the same but you couldn’t feel the passion. He brought something to the table that replacement Jeff Jaworski couldn’t.

A new album is in the works hopefully for some time next year, which will inevitably lead to a tour and Thrash Hits will be there with heavy metal bells on. Front row, centre and rocking out like a motherbitch. We suggest you do the same or risk missing one of the best hardcore metal bands of the last ten years, fronted by one of the best vocalists in metal.

Such passion from one man about his band is hard to find, fuck everything else you’re looking forward to next year – Will Haven are back!
Now go listen to some Will Haven on or MySpace.


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