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November 13th, 2009

A to Z of the Noughties: Judas Priest to Rock Band

Where were you on the night before the dawn of the New Millennium? Jon Kerr was getting a pit going in Jilly’s Rockworld, Manchester. We’ve asked him to summarise the ten years since then in all things metal in a handy A to Z

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Judas Priest
As if one seminal British vocalist returning to his former band wasn’t enough, Rob Halford followed suit in 2003 and re-joined Judas Priest. Angel of Retribution followed and Priest celebrated their 30th Anniversary whilst touring it. 2008’s double concept album Nostradamus became Judas Priest’s 16th studio effort and was no less than a masterpiece. With Priest on such good form, it has indeed been a decade to savour. Watch the video to ‘War’ by Judas Priest.

Killswitch Engage
Not many bands have two self-titled albums. Killswitch Engage do. And it is the journey this band made from the first in 2000 to the second nine years later which means they deserve a place as one of the highlights of the last decade. The End of Heartache and As Daylight Dies are major landmarks in modern metal and contain awesome slabs of melody, screams and riffage that are impossible not to move and sing to. In vocalist Howard Jones and guitarist Adam D, KSE boast two of metal’s most credible ambassadors and undeniable talents.

Watch Killswitch Engage on Thrash Hits TV @ Download Festival 2009

Led Zeppelin Reunion
For one night only, on 10 December 2007, Robert Plant, Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones played as Led Zeppelin at the O2 Arena. They performed 16 songs taken from across their first seven studio albums. If that isn’t a highlight of the decade, I don’t know what is. Watch a shoddy recording of ‘Kashmir’ from that evening.

Weather singing about Moby Dick, the Elephant Man or astral projection, Mastodon have always inspired and intrigued. They hail from Altlanta, Georgia and have shared stages with Metallica, Tool, Slayer and (currently) Dethklok. But, like Tool, they have always worked best as an album band and to have not picked up Leviathan, Blood Mountain or Crack The Skye would have been very, VERY remiss of you!

Mastodon answered questions from fans on Thrash Hits TV

Nine, the
It’s Slipknot. The ‘Knot built on the impact of their groundbreaking debut during the first decade of the century with follow up releases Iowa, Volume 3: The Subliminal Verses, 9:0 Live and All Hope Is Gone. The maggots who follow them have been consistently force fed a surprisingly chart-palatable blend of Pantera, Prong, Slayer, Korn and Kiss influenced noise by nine increasingly respected musicians who have also spawned a plethora of side projects. This is the band who proved they were no gimmick. Watch the video to ‘Sulfur’ by Slipknot.

Osbournes, The
The average fans of Ozzy Osbourne and Black Sabbath were given an all-new experience when he and his wife/manager Sharon opened up the family doors and starred in a reality TV show alongside two of their kids, Jack and Kelly. The four seasons ran between 2002-5. In hindsight, the series alienated metal fans from their Prince of Darkness and shattered his image. But it gave him a new one; that of a genuinely, funny stoner who can’t work the DVD player. Classic telly. Watch a clip of The Osbournes.

Pickles The Drummer
Ok this might be another cheat, but we needed D available didn’t we? Pickles, as I’m sure you know, is the drummer of fictional outfit Dethklok. The man behind the animated group (metal’s Gorillaz, if you will) is Brendon Small who you can even see performing when Dethklok play live (they have toured with Mastodon and others). We love that Dethklok exist, and we know you do too. As for Pickles, he’s ginger.

Watch the video to ‘Bloodlines’ from Dethklok

‘Queen B’
Can you think of something better for Q!? This is a very cool video though, and everyone loves Maynard. Watch the video to ‘Queen B’ by Puscifer.

Rock Band
Over the last five years, more and more gamers have added either Rock Band or Guitar Hero to their collection. Whilst it’s easy to criticise the game play as being too dissimilar to the real thing, the existence of such games has re-popularised the rock genre in the home. And it’s starting to kill karaoke. Which is nice. Watch someone opening a box of Rock Band. It’s funny.


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