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November 4th, 2009

Album: Pitbull Terrorist – C.I.A

Pitbull Terrorist 2009 promo photo Thrash Hits

Pitbull Terrorist
C.I.A. (Contraband International Audio)
Anstalt Records
13 November 2009

by Angie Louder

No bullshit, Pitbull Terrorist‘s bio says they are “an ensemble of true freedom fighters of the early 21st century. Four activists with various nationalities, backgrounds and histories gathered together and aimed to launch a musical project to be remembered.” I don’t know if it’s just me, but I think they may be exaggerating a bit.

Pitbull Terrorist CIA artwork cover packshot Thrash Hits

All ridiculous proclamations aside, I do l give it up to them for making some seriously tight and guttural thrash metal. Actually, in retrospect “guttural” and “tight” sounds a bit like a gnarly snuff film. Let’s change that to “brutal” and “precise”, so I sound less like someone who masturbates whilst torturing small animals.

In total there are 18 tracks on C.I.A, but most songs last less than a minute and the whole record seems to go by in one quick aural assault. The most important thing is that it does what all records should do and that is get to the point by focusing on the music. It’s just good straight up thrash metal and it doesn’t bother getting mired down by pretentiousness. Oh wait, they have that whole “pretending to be a covert anti-government agency” thing going on. OK, maybe a teensy bit pretentious.

I will, however, forgive that and also excuse the truly horrible singing on ‘The Shit of the System’ because I shit you not (pun intended) they actually sing in a clean choir voice “we will overcome.” What the fuck is that about? The whole record is heavy as hell and then all of a sudden the 17th song has this random lame singing pop up out of nowhere. It reminded me of being on a date and things are going really well, until all of a sudden they start talking about their twelve cats and strange burning sensation “down there”. It’s almost enough to make you want to leave early.

One of the highlights was ‘The Silencer’. It starts off as another ‘scream-boom-double bass- ram a guitar up yer arse’ kind of a song and then it melts into a sick breakdown. That’s followed by ‘Ode for the Old’ which has an intro that sounds as if a creepy doll from a horror movie were singing to you, then it goes off into a chaos of brutal riffs and death growls.

Watch the video to ‘Dirt Bomb’ by Pitbull Terrorist

In general, it’s a really good record. There were moments that reminded me of Sodom which may be because they’re both German and metal. That one’s a bit obvious. Another band that kept popping into my head was Drop Dead. I’m not sure whether that reference is due to their political manifesto or their brief moments of sparse guitar covered blast beats. All references aside, it’s a new debut full-length worth a listen [insert a thumbs up and horridly cheezy infomercial smile here].


Sounds like: Sodom, Morbid Angel
Fave tracks: The Silencer, Ode for the Old, The Leak, Agent Orange

Pitbull Terrorist – C.I.A tracklisting
No Resurrection
The Silencer
Ode for the Old
Cut Below the Waist
The Pig
Dirt Bomb
The Leak
Agent Orange
Necessary Evil
You Did Try
Let the Gods Do the Fighting
In Confidence
The Shit of the System
End of It All


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