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November 12th, 2009

Album: The Arusha Accord – The Echo Verses

The Arusha Accord 2009 promo photo Thrash Hits

The Arusha Accord
The Echo Verses
A Wolf At Your Door Records
12 October 2009

by Angie Louder

I kid you not, I had to listen to this three times to actually realise I just listened to the new album from The Arusha Accord. The first time, my mind drifted and I ended up looking at Facebook…damn you, foul tempter. The second time, I errrmmm…have no idea.

The Arusha Accord The Echo Verses cover packshot artwork Thrash Hits

I think I was fixating on where to watch that epic meteor shower next week. Wow, so many fascinating things that the blasting double bass and frantic guitar tapping just could not pull my attention away! I do hope you note the sarcasm.

Within each song you have the whole repertoire of what a melodic (slightly tech) metal band should be, so how is it that all of that can be so dull? One thing I’ll blame is that their sound seems a bit “copy and paste”. I know it’s what many bands do, but some pull it off well and thus get a pass on being derivative. If you don’t like that fact, don’t get mad at me. I don’t make the rules I just make them glaringly obvious.

There were moments were I had hope like on ‘Night of the Long Knives’. I thought, “Hey this could go somewhere…I could totally get into this.” Then nothing, just the slow fizzle of hope dying into a black pit of what looks like the back of my eyelids because I may have snoozed off a second there.

Watch The Arusha Accord’s recording diary from The Echo Verses sessions

To be honest, I think the record would have been a hell of a lot better recorded by a different producer/engineer. I listened to the same songs played live and they sounded drastically different. The intensity and aggression they put out on stage just didn’t translate into the studio. Next time guys, use a different producer and don’t get so buried in complex chord structures that you forget to fuck some shit up, thanks.


Sounds like: Alexisonfire, Bury Tomorrow, Shadows Chasing Ghosts
Fave tracks: Night of the Long Knives, Desolate, The Death of Thieves

The Arusha Accord – The Echo Verses tracklisting
Dead To Me
The New Face of Revenge
Night of the Long Knives
The Echo Verse
The Resurgent
You Cried Wolf
The Death of Thieves
The Last Rise of the Fallen King



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