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November 17th, 2009

Bands of the Decade: Fall Out Boy

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Fall Out Boy
Peak: 2005
Era: From Under The Cork Tree

What Have Fall Out Boy done in the 2000s?

After a couple of independent releases in 2003, Fall Out Boy signed to Island, or one of its subsidiaries, in 2005 and decided to go supernova. When From Under The Cork Tree went double platinum, it was clear that they had put pop punk back in the mainstream.

Not only did FOB work hard to launch their own careers but they also worked hard to launch the careers of other bands like Panic! At The Disco and The Academy Is…. If there wasn’t a scene in place when they started, they would make their own. And so it was

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Why are Fall Out Boy one of the most important rock acts of the past decade?

Less than three months after Blink 182 began their hiatus broke pop punk hearts across the world, Fall Out Boy released From Under The Cork Tree. The timing was perfect and they took full advantage by releasing one of the finest songs of the decade in ‘Sugar, We’re Goin Down’ and some of the cleverest videos in recent mmry. The rest is history as single after single hit the charts, the clubs and the iPods of the world.

What with Pete Wentz being all over MySpace and getting his willy out at opportune moments and marrying a pop star, they got too big for their genre. His savvy and posterboy image helped people relate to and love the band. Suddenly there was another huge band with tattoos clambering all over the mainstream.

FOB helped “Emo” to become the dirty word that it is. Parents all over Middle England suddenly understood the kind of music that their backward-mulleted teenager was listening to. In fact, after hearing, the swee melodies of ‘Sugar…’ they even started to understand why. Fall Out Boy were the safest, smiliest, cuddliest scary, tattooed rockers EVER. (EVA?)

Watch the video to ‘Dance, Dance’ by Fall Out Boy

Josh Franceschi from You Me At Six says the following about one his favourite bands:

My first Fall Out Boy experience was when I heard ‘Take This To Your Grave’ when I was, like 13, and I thought it was the best CD ever. I was already completely into Drive Thru Records, but FOB opened the door into pop punk for me, and this CD was the soundtrack to many of my summers. I think they have not only influenced our band, but many many others as well. One thing that I really liked about FOB was the band’s lyrics. They definitely inspired a lot of my earlier lyrics in YMA6’s earlier material. I just loved the way they worded stuff and thought it was really clever. My favourite FOB song is probably ‘Tell Mickey’ – awesome song!!

What is the legacy of Fall Out Boy and From Under The Cork Tree?

When was the last time you went to a rock club – or even a metal club – and didn’t hear Patrick Stump singing, “We’re going dub dub dibby doo doo da bub.”? There is absolutely no doubting that ‘Sugar, We’re Goin Down’ is a stone cold, bona fide pop-punk classic.

Closer to home, by the sounds of all the ridiculously American accents on the London toilet circuit, they’ve influenced every crappy pop punk band from Surry as well as a couple of ok ones. None of them come close to hitting the saccharine sweet high points that FOB do.

Pete Wentz still has his Decaydance arm of the Fueled By Ramen label which is still releasing records from the likes of hasbeens, Panic At The Disco as well as up-and-comers, Hey Monday.

What is next for Fall Out Boy?

After just five albums, FOB are releasing a Best Of compilation, entitled Believers Never Die. Sadly, everyone dies. Someone should tell them. There are rumours that Fall Out Boy are on a hiatus. Have they split up?

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Are you a Fall Out Boy fan, just like Josh from YM@6? Have you seen Pete Wentz’s knob? Did you meet your other half whilst dancing to that song? Do you feel sad about it? Tell us below.


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