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November 19th, 2009

EP: Ship To Shore – Let’s Not Get Caught

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Ship To Shore
Let’s Not Get Caught
Broken Night Records
17 November 2009

by Ben Goulder

When members of beatdown pop-punker, Bradley Arise, joined forces with Andy Boswell from the now-split melodic hardcore band The Legacy, it was inevitable the outcome would be the melodic pop-punk of Ship To Shore‘s debut EP, Let’s Not Get Caught.

The title track starts off in true punk pop fashion by celebrating the summer. Chuggy guitars, contagious hooks and fluorescent vocals gets this EP off to a strong start. The chorus is utterly infectious, and will spread throughout your skull like a mind-plague devouring your braincells. ‘See You Around’ is reminiscent of Fall Out Boy’s early stuff. Add a little blink-182-esque riffery and a bass solo in the middle, and you’ve got a perfect mid-tempo pop song about girls and all that sort of stuff – the kind that makes hormonal teenage girls wet themselves in excitement.

The third track, ‘Hook Line & Sinker’, starts off with flickering drums that lead into vocals that reach notes we didn’t think was possible for post-pubescent males to reach. With snare fills, tempo changes and texture switches, Ship to Shore certainly know how to keep their audience engrossed.

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‘I’ll Find You’ swoons with an acoustic guitar intro, before the explosive pop noise you’ll have come to expect from Ship to Shore kicks in. ‘Too Little, Too Late’ is easily the danciest song on Let’s Not Get Caught and makes you unknowingly nod your head up until its epic ending. This EP from the Sheffield quartet captures almost everything you could want in a pop-punk record.


Sounds like: Fall Out Boy, The Staring Line, blink-182
Top Tracks: Hook Line & Sinker, Let’s Not Get Caught

Ship To Shore – Let’s Not Get Caught tracklisting
Let’s Not Get Caught
See You Around
Hook Line & Sinker
I’ll Find You
Too Little, Too Late



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