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November 18th, 2009

Metal Mark runs out of beer money; meets Chimaira

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Hey there metal f*ckers! Another blog for another month, and yet I find myself writing it with a similar hangover. October was a somewhat quiet month for Atlanta shows, but there was really just one that I was worried about: the almighty Metallica.

If you don’t know, I am a HUGE Metallica fan. I don’t care what they do wrong, they are still my idols, and I love them. They came early in October with the opening acts you may have heard of, Lamb Of God and Gojira. The concert was amazing from start to finish. Gojira and Lamb of God were heavy as hell, and then Metallica just destroyed the place. Even in their ‘old’ age, they still can put on a show like no other band. Check out my full show review to see the set list, and other thoughts I had on the show. I couldn’t hear right for about a week, so you knew it was a true metal show.

A few days later, GWAR came into town, but due to my financial choices at the Metallica show, plus my all important alcohol budget, I was broke. So I missed the show and I don’t miss many! I heard good things about the show, but honestly, I’ve seen GWAR before, and once was enough.

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Two blurry weeks went by until the next show came into Atlanta, which was Trivium, Chimaira, Whitechapel, and Dirge Within. Before the show I got to sit down with Mark and Matt from Chimaira, and Alex from Whitechapel. I’ve interviewed both of these bands before, but this time was more relaxed and structured, which makes it easier on everyone.

It was my first time seeing Dirge Within, and I must say that they put on a pretty killer live show. I definitely need to pick their album up and give it another listen. Whitechapel was Whitechapel. They came out, ripped your face off, and got off the stage. That band is the definition of a brutal live force.

Finally Chimaira hit the stage! These guys get better and better each time I see them live. I honestly think I have seen Chimaira more than any other band live. The set list was killer, and when they played their old hit ‘Severed’, I literally attacked everything within a five foot radius in the pit. That song brings out the evil in me and I like it too much.

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After Chimaira, I left. Yes, I’m not a Trivium fan. Sue me. I heard they had a decent set though, so there, I said something nice. Thank god for the yellow taxi that night. After hanging with Chimaira and Whitechapel and drowning myself in PBR, I needed a little help home. The next day was painful, but it was definitely one of the best shows of the year. Now on to more important things.

October had an overload of great CDs to hit the shelves. I suggest you pick up include Arch Enemy’s The Root Of All Evil, Blue Record by Baroness, Breathing The Fire by Skeletonwitch, Axe To Fall by Converge, The Slaughter by Incite, The Great Misdirect by Between The Buried And Me, and Fed Through The Teeth Machine by The Red Chord. Those are just the ones my drunk mind can remember, but all of these are killer CDs I have broken my neck head banging to in the past month.

November is slammed with shows in Atlanta. Here comes my happy dance – I have interviews with Dethklok, All That Remains, Lacuna Coil, Hatebreed, Suicide Silence, and more. I’m hitting up ten shows this month, and if I don’t drink myself to death or get murdered in a pit, I’ll be here next month to give you the recap. As always check out and keep it fucking heavy!


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