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November 25th, 2009

Trash Talk: “the way American cops deal with weed is bullshit”

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With an upcoming tour with Gallows and their latest LP recorded with the legendary Steve Albini, the name of Trash Talk seems to be on everybody’s lips right now. We thought it’d be a good idea for Angie Louder to catch up with their frontman, Lee Speilman, to find out what it takes to get them to play a shows for weed, and how they got busted by the filth.

In the past 6 months alone you’ve toured the UK and the States. Now you’re going back to the UK to support Gallows and Sharks. Since you were just here a few months ago, how do you feel about coming back so quickly?
“We are all super stoked on getting back to the UK. We always have a great time when we are over there and the last time we were there we were alone. This time we will be with Gallows & Sharks so it should make for some pretty wild times. This year has been insane for us as far as touring goes. In 2009 we’ve been to Japan twice, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and all over America. It seems like we are on the road more than we are home lately but we aren’t complaining. Touring is the best.”

What five things can the UK expect from a Trash Talk show?
1. Loud Music.
2. Bodies/Things flying everywhere.
3. Maybe a little bit of blood.
4. Weed.
5. Good times.

Watch Trash Talk smashing it up at Ieperfest in Belgium

You recently recorded with the legendary Steve Albini. I hear he has some pretty unique ways of working in the studio, what was it like recording with him?
“Recording with Albini was a great experience. He has recorded some of our favorite records so for him to record our LP was super cool. The self-titled LP is the first record that we did analog, so working with him was perfect for that because he doesn’t really use computers at all. His studio is rad because there are so many people working there for you that it makes everything pretty easy. He helped us set up and find the tones we were looking for, then kinda let us take it from there. With a little insight and tips here and there.”

Last month you played the Great American Hardcore Fest. Were there any new bands that you were really impressed by?
“We actually didn’t even get to see any bands at all except for Converge and Integrity who played right after us. We played Portland, OR (other side of the country for those of you that don’t know) the night before then flew to Boston, MA for the fest. Our plane landed in Boston about 2 hours before we played so we rushed straight to the show and pretty much got on stage and played. Integrity killed it at that fest. I wish we could have seen more bands though. Tons of our friends were also on the fest and t was a bummer to miss them.

Hassle Records is going to release Shame, a 30-song anthology of four of your past releases. How did you hook up with them and decide to put out an anthology?
“We met the people at Hassle Records earlier this year in Texas at SXSW. They caught a few of our sets around the fest and we started talking. Before working with Hassle we didn’t really have anyone pushing our music over in Europe so it was awesome to link up with them and have someone working as hard as we are over there. We decided to release the anthology because all of our records are currently sold out! We figured it would be better to just put all of the sold out releases on one release instead of repressing [Walking Disease, Plagues, Trash Talk, and East of Eden].

“We have been out of music for the past six months or so. It’s pretty rough hitting the road and having no music available at all. I’m super stoked on this anthology release because if someone is just now getting into us they can pick up that one record and have everything.”

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Last year a lot of the band got arrested for driving through Nebraska with weed and pills? For fans in the UK fans not privy to how fucked up American cops can be, can you tell us about it?
“The whole situation was pretty fucked up. We were on our way from California to Chicago to record our LP with Albini. We got pulled over somewhere in the middle of Nebraska. It smelled like weed a little bit when the doors of the van were opened by the police so they decided to search it and they did not like what they found. Garrett [guitar] and Spencer [bass] were arrested and thrown into jail. The song ‘I Block’ on our LP is named after the cell block they were locked up in Nebraska. When they were locked up our drummer Sam and I got the money togethor and bailed them out eventually. It sucked because we had to use some of the money we had all saved up for recording on bailing our guys out of jail. It’s all good though we made it work in the long run. Long story short the way American cops deal with petty things like weed is bullshit.”

Speaking of weed, your blog has an amazing post where you said you were asked to play someone’s going away to prison show and that they paid you in weed. Haha amazing – what happened?
“We were on tour playing Portland, Oregon, and this guy came up to us telling us about how he is was going to prison for a few years the next day for selling 16 pounds of weed or something crazy like that. He said we were one of his favorite bands and asked if we would play his going away to prison party at 10am. The deal was is that he got to write the set list and it was going to be him/his friends only. He offered us a crazy amount of weed to play (I am not a liberty to say how much). So we showed up at his at 10 am and there were about 20 people packed into a small basement waiting for us. Everyone was already partying by the time we got there. It was a blast. It was one of the most fun/memorable shows I’ve ever played. I think it was probably the longest TT set to date too – ha ha! We played for an hour or so. Our drummer and bass players’ stoner rock side project band even played in the middle of our set. It was rad.”

Watch Trash Talk fuck up The Knitting Factory when playing live

Lastly, is there anything coming up for you guys that we haven’t covered?
“We have been locked away in the studio for the last few weeks with Joby Ford from The Bronx recording our newest LP titled Eyes & Nines. All of the music is done and the record is now in the mixing stages. It should be out sometime early next year so keep your eyes and ears open for that. It’s our best record to date. Get ready. We will be in the UK in a few weeks. Come say what’s up.”


Trash Talk are touring the UK right damn now. They’re supporting our good friends Gallows on their UK tour – so make sure get yourself along early doors to one of these shows if you want to see why we’re so keen on this lot.

Trash Talk UK Winter tourdates (supporting Gallows unless stated)
London Barfly (supporting Fucked Up)
26 Northampton Roadmender
27 Coventry Kasbah
28 Liverpool Academy 2
29 Aberdeen Moshulu
30 Dundee Fat Sams
Glasgow 13th Note (headline show)
02 Middlesbrough Empire
03 York Duchess
04 Stoke Sugarmill
05 Derby Rockhouse
06 Leeds Rios (headline show)
07 Newport TJs
08 Exeter Lemon Grove
09 Falmouth Pavillions
10 Bournemouth Old Fire Station
11 Ipswitch Rose & Crown (headline show)
12 Kingston The Peel
13 Colchester Arts Centre
14 Cambridge Junction
15 London Highbury Buffalo Bar (headline show)


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