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November 8th, 2009

Video: Baroness – ‘A Horse Called Golgotha’

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Not all of us ‘got’ Blue Record from Baroness when it first arrived in the office. Some of us didn’t get it till we started listening to it on our iPod when we were a little…ahem…under the influence, and started to doze off on the last tube train home. Swinging in and out of consciousness, suddenly John Baizley’s soaring growls and post-sludge riffery started to make an awful lot of sense.

We didn’t even care that we eventually returned to full consciousness, we’d ended up further away from our house than when we’d got on the tube in the first place. Or that we now had to get on a nightbus for an hour in order to get home. Why didn’t we care? Because we had Blue Record to stick on repeat the whole time.

Well, now that we’ve established just how immense Blue Record is, we can all kick back and enjoy the new video the band have just released for one of the tracks on it – ‘A Horse Called Golgotha’.

Watch the video to ‘A Horse Called Golgotha’ by Baroness

Blue Record by Baroness is out now on Relapse Records. We definitely think it’s worth some of your hard-earned cash, so go out and buy it if you haven’t already.



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