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December 10th, 2009

Billy Corgan stops working on new Smashing Pumpkins album to shag Jessica Simpson?

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At least some of those wretched celebrity gossip sites are talking about how superbly-breasted singer and actress Jessica Simpson has been SEEN OUTDOORS with Smashing Pumpkins main (only?) man, Billy Corgan. Apparently they met at a “mutual friend’s party”. This is news. NOT!

Much more intriguing is the fact that the last remaining tr00 Smashing Pumpkin, Billy Corgan is set to release a new 44-track Smashing Pumpkins album called Teargarden by Kaleidyscope at some point in the ever nearer future. The first of four 11-track EPs taken from the album will hit internets near you in January 2010 – which by our calculations is next bloody month

The first track, ‘A Song For A Son’ was let go for free on 09 December from their/his official website. It’s five minutes of psychedelic, Led Zeppy rock, FYI and it’s not bad for a free song but it does leave you wondering, “There’s another 43 of these??”

Billy Corgan doesn’t actually have a son and neither does Jessica Simpson. Is there actually something going on? Was Billy Corgan actually just leaving the same restaurant after dining alone because he can eat more self-indulgently or his dining partner pissed off halfway through because of changing diner habits? WHO CAN SAY???

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More interestingly, here are two photos of Jessica Simpson. I imagine that what with Smashing Pumpkins’ old USA-tilted imagery of yore, this pic struck a chord with our Billy.

jessica simpson stars stripes usa flag bikini thrash hits

And then when he saw her out in the rain one day, he offered her his coat and his penis all in one foul swoop.

jessica simpson wet boobs tits breasts hair thrash hits

Superb breasts.



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