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December 31st, 2009

End of the Decade: bits & bobs celebrating the 2000s (Noughties?)

linkin park 2000 hybrid theory promo photo thrash hits

Linkin Park are the biggest selling band of this decade, nay, century. That’s a statement that really hurts, isn’t it. They’ve sold more records than Metallica, Iron Maiden or even The Beatles. Yes, feel free to weep because there doesn’t seem like much to celebrate. Right? WRONG!

There really have been some amazing bands, albums and songs that have have had an amazing effect over the past ten years and we’re going to focus on them with loads of celebratory articles about them. And this is where you can find all of them. Handy, eh?

Bands of the Decade

We’ve pinpointed an uncertain number of bands that we think have really made a splash since 2000. We did come up with about 50 that were all very reasonably influential and awesome but most of them didn’t actually count because despite still being influential in this decade, they were actually being influential a long time ago as well. Also, some of the time, we just didn’t think they were influential enough. Take Linkin Park for evidence of that.

Our criteria for entry into Bands of the Decade are:

  1. They must have had their peak between 2000 and 2009
  2. They must have significantly influenced popular culture

Obviously, apart from the fact we’re absolutely bloody right, our decisions are all totally subjective and open to discussion. That’s why there’s a space for you to leave your comments on what idiots we are. We dare you.

A to Z of the Noughties

Yep, it’s as simple as that. We’ve picked 26 seemingly random things that start with a reasonably favourable letter and stuck it all into an alphabet-based list. If you really need this explained to you, perhaps we can recommend a career

The first of the three installments covers everything from Avenged Sevenfold to Iron Maiden. There’s a few interviews worth remembering in there as well!

The second A to Z piece starts at Judas Priest and goes all the way to Rock Band via Ozzy Osbourne. Enjoyable. We still need help with Q though, so come and help us.

Finally, we travel from the masters of thrash, Slayer (or SLAYAAAAAARGH, if you wish) all the way down to the riff master, Zakk Wylde. That looks pretty strong already. Right?


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