Thrash Hits

December 10th, 2009

Heavy Metal Advent Calendar: 10 December

Metallica Christmas Thrash Hits

Sometimes at Christmas, you’ll be forced into a situation where it’s simply not possible to crank out your favourite death metal album at full volume. Maybe your dear, frail old granny has come over for Christmas dinner, and her weak heart simply can’t handle Anaal Nathrakh. What you need for situations like this is heavy metal disguised as Christmas music.

We suspect the folks over at Christmas Rock Records are probably drunk most of the time, as they’ve released not one, not, two, but five albums reinterpretinging the work of rock and metal bands into easy-listening Christmas ditties. Want something teeth-grindingly awful to soundtrack the family opening their gifts on Christmas morning? Then check out this sleighbells-stuffed version of ‘Master of Puppets’. Or maybe you’d prefer to recoil in disgust at the sickeningly cheery version of ‘Highway To Hell’?

Oh God, we’re sorry. You didn’t need to hear that. We hope you never have to hear it again.



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