Thrash Hits

December 16th, 2009

Heavy Metal Advent Calendar: 16 December

slade merry christmas band promo photo rudolph red nose comic relief thrash hits


If you don’t know what band this relates to, go and kill yourself. But not before playing this stupidly addictive game that SLADE – yes, it’s Slade – have made for you. It’s called Noddy’s Snowballs. I mean, come on, that’s awesome.

noddy holder game slade christmas thrash hits screenshot

If you didn’t know that Merry Xmas Everybody – Slade Party Hits is in all the finest shops right now you should watch this video as well. Just in case you need reminding of Noddy Holder’s awesomeness.

Watch the video to ‘Merry Christmas Everybody’ by Slade

* If you do go and kill yourself, can you just leave a not for your next of kin asking them not to sue us, please. Ok, thanks, bye.



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