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December 8th, 2009

Iron Maiden and Rammstein to headline Sonisphere Festival 2010

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So, following Iron Maiden’s all-but-announced confirmation that they’re headlining at Sonisphere 2010, we thought we’d just let slip we’ve heard from a Very Reliable Source that Rammstein will be the other headliner at Knebworth next summer. Considering both names have been touted for months, it’s hardly a big scoop, but what is interesting are some of the other names and nuggets of gossip our sources have given us.

Rammstein’s attendance should come as a shock to no-one. New album, arena tour, big stage show…and due to their already-announced touring schedule, its impossible for them to play Download. Is it any wonder they’re on the bill for the other big summer metal fest?

Considering they’re touring on a Sonisphere presents banner, it’ll surprise nobody that Slayer are on the ticket. We’d have thought that Alice In Chains also touring under a Sonisphere presents promotion would make a second consecutive appearance, but our sources currently say “no”.

Speaking of returning acts though, we’ve heard that not one but two of last years Apollo Stage acts are in the final stages of negotiations to return to Sonisphere in 2010 – and that they’re both “heritage acts” (i.e, old acts) as opposed to any of the young whippersnappers. I guess it all depends if a) a certain frontman conquers his illness, and b) another bunch of guys get over their own frontman issues. While were on the subject of heritage acts, we’ve heard whisperings of a couple of extremely influential American bands signing up were talking bands that changed the face of rock’n’roll here. We’re talking bands-that-currently-have-movie-biopics-currently-in-production-here.

Skirting round the fringes of the rumours are Marilyn Manson and Fear Factory – the latter of course were due to play this year, until legal issues stopped them from making the trip. both names have been approached (or did the approaching themelves – our source was very vague about this) but since Kilimanjaro are promoting both bands’ tours early next year, it’s not a difficult leap of faith to make.

We’ve also got it on good authority that the number of Sonisphere festivals taking place in Europe is going to nearly double in 2010, with Sonisphere stretching out towards Eastern Europe. Considering putting on the six festivals this year was a mammoth task in itself, we cant help but admire Stuart Galbraith’s ambition in this regard. Another non-band bit of gossip that’s particularly exciting are the rumoured perks we’ve heard are being planned for those who buy their tickets early. To be honest, they’re so extravagant we don’t think they can possibly be true.

One thing that we won’t forget is that if the ups and downs of 2009’s line-up is anything to go by, there’s no guarantee that any band that is confirmed to play will make it to the festival come next August – just ask Robb Flynn. But we would ask you to keep this in mindL we were bang on the money with every line-up story we ran about Sonisphere 2009. Hell, we were the people that broke the news of Sonisphere’s existence in the first place. You wanna bet we’re wrong about the above?

As always, Thrash Hits will be around to say “I told you so”, once the official announcements start being made.



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