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December 15th, 2009

Thrash Hits TV: Every Time I Die’s Keith Buckley still isn’t allowed to talk about The Damned Things

every time i die thrash hits promo band photo the damned things

What do we know?

  • Rob Caggiano (bass) and Scott Ian (guitar) from Anthrax are heading up this supergroup which also contains Andy Hurley (drums) and Joe Trohman (other guitar) from currently-on-hiatus Fall Out Boy with Every Time I Die’s Keith Buckley on vocals.
  • They’re demoing songs right now while ETID are in Europe.
  • They have a logo but took it down when news about the band leaked upon this horrible Internet.
  • Nothing else.

And Keith Buckley ain’t saying anything else either.

We have enjoyed these artists’ impressions of what the lineup might look like in some deranged photoshoot.

the damned things artists impression rocksound spin thrash hits

Thrash Hits TV: Keith Buckley NOT talking about The Damned Things

Expect the full video interview and an extra treat on Monday.


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