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January 5th, 2010

2010 Album Preview: Airbourne – No Guts. No Glory.

No Guts. No Glory.
Roadrunner Records
03 March 2010

What they’re saying
The Australian hard rockers don’t plan on changing their formula too much for their second album. Frontman Joel O’Keefe puts it plainly:

“Basically, we’ve never been about having a specific message; we don’t talk about politics or social injustices in our songs. There are other bands out there to take care of that. With us, it’s not like that. It’s just rock and roll. We want people to have a good time, no matter what. Have a drink, play it really loud, and kick back”

O’Keefe insists that Airbourne got so caught up in No Guts. No Glory that they barely left the Chicago studio they were recording it in:

“The drums were set up in a big room with the guitars and David [Roads, rhythm guitarist], he slept behind the amps; I slept behind a bunch of amps; Ryan [O’Keefe, drums] slept behind his drum kit and Justin [Street, bass] slept behind this pool table, and we were all in the studio. It was really fun, because you’d just get up and go, ‘Fuck,’ and start recording. That’s how your day was. You just sort of woke up, had some food, and started recording. Maybe you’d have a shower; maybe not. Just sort of walk around in your shorts all day, just rocking away.”

No Guts. No Glory. also boasts some of the worst cover art we’ve ever seen. It’s like someone wiped their arse with the fever-dreams of an 15 year-old wank-addict:

Thrash Hits verdict
We’d be lying if we said we were expecting the new album from Airbourne to be anything other than a continuation of their career to date: that of the world’s most successful AC/DC tribute act. Whether or not you think that’s a bad thing is will depend on a) how much you give a shit about such things, and b) how much booze you’ve had to drink. We suspect that if you’re the kind of person where the latter outweighs the former, then you’ll probably love this album, right up to the moment you drown it out with the sounds of your own boozy-vomiting. Airbourne aren’t trying to make music to stroke chins to; they’re trying to make music to get drunk and fuck and fight to.

Airbourne – No Guts. No Glory. rumoured tracklisting
No Way But The Hard Way
Blonde, Bad, and Beautiful
Steel Town
Heads Are Gonna Roll
Born To Kill

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