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January 11th, 2010

2010 Album Preview: Stone Sour – TBC **UPDATED**

Stone Sour
Roadrunner Records
Late Summer 2010

What they’re saying
Corey Taylor has been mouthing off to Noisecreep about the direction the third Stone Sour album is going to take:

“We’ve already got ten tunes fully written and another 15 we’re kind of working on here and there. When I’m not on the road I’m still working, I never stop. And it’s really good, everything we’re doing is really, really good. I can say the material is darker than [2006’s] Come What(ever) May, but a lot more melodic, a lot stronger, a lot more mature, and the lyrics that are coming out of me are really good. I’m really excited.”

Let’s hope the new record doesn’t end up sounding like this

Thrash Hits verdict
Now that Slipknot have wrapped up their All Hope Is Gone campaign, Corey Taylor and Jim Root will be concentrating on their other band – and to be honest, that’s probably all Stone Sour will ever be considered. They’ll never be able to shrug loose the “Slipknot side-project” tag, or be be considered anything more than a (albeit very successful) curio for Taylor and Root to play around with during the Slipknot downtime. Now that in itself isn’t necessarily a bad thing – it keeps the lads occupied, for starters, and it gives the pair an outlet for their musical ideas that don’t fit the Slipknot mold – but it does make it hard to find any real enthusiasm for their third album.

Taylor’s assertion that this will be “darker” Stone Sour seems at odds with the choice of Rob Cavallo as producer. Cavallo’s recent successes have come from Shinedown and Green Day albums – the man’s a natural-born radio-hit producer, and not the kind of guy you enlist to help bring out your bleak hidden depths. Does glossy studio polish work with darkness? I guess we’ll find out this Summer.

**UPDATED** Stone Sour have changed their plans – the band will ow record with Nick Raskulinecz, the man behind the desk for Alice In Chains’ excellent Black Gives Way To Blue, and the forthcoming as-yet-untitled-now-they’re-not-calling-it-Eros album from Deftones. Maybe there is a little more hope for this album than we initially gave it credit for…


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