Thrash Hits

January 12th, 2010

2010 Album Preview: Sylosis – TBC

Nuclear Blast
Late 2010

What they’re saying
Because we’re impatient little oiks, we decided to give Reading tech-thrashers Sylosis a holler to find out what they’ve been getting up to regarding their second full-length album. And it’s good news:

“We’re extremely proud of the new material. We all know that these are our best songs to date and they are still evolving in the studio. It’s a very different vibe this time around. We’re pushing our producer [Scott Atkins] for a really raw and live sound. We’re making sure we know when to loosen up and let a bit more ‘feel’ creep in so it’s not as sterile.

“The new album is definitely heavier and more progressive…although despite being heavier, it’s still more mature on every level. We know we’re still evolving as a band and I’m sure the album after this one will be different again. These kind of statements can be worrying to the fans but we’re very confident and happy with what we’ve created and we know we’ve taken the high road!”

Watch the video to ‘After Lifeless Years’ by Sylosis

Thrash Hits verdict
As if the shitty weather hadn’t pissed us off enough recently, the recent plague of snow that’s blighted Britain actually delayed Sylosis from getting into the studio to start tracking the follow up to 2008’s Conclusion of an Age. If we had our way, any and everything that’s gets in the way of the Reading quintet’s next album should be hunted down and destroyed with giant flaming hammers. Unfortunately, you can’t take on adverse climate conditions with burning medieval weaponry, but we’d sure as shit give it a bloody good go.

The reason we want this new album so badly is that Conclusion of an Age was one of those records that left you feeling that the UK metal scene isn’t entirely fucked. A giant bleeding hunk of tech-tinted thrash, it was gutsy without being nostalgic; unlike all those revivalist thrash bands in retro hi-tops, Sylosis didn’t just copy old Exodus riffs in the hope that nobody would notice. The prospect of the band loosening up into a growling, heavier groove for the new album has practically made us constipated in anticipation. With just a single album to their name, they seared the tits off Sonisphere in 2009 – can you imagine the carnage they’ll wreak across the country once they’ve got a new record to tour?