Thrash Hits

January 23rd, 2010

Design Municipal Waste’s dinner; blag yourself some prizes

When Municipal Waste aren’t thrashing till they puke, fall over, or fall over and puke, they like to eat pizza. Except it seems they’re the kind of indecisive son-of-a-guns who hold up everyone else’s order while they umm and ahh over the menu, unable to decide if they want a Meat Feast or a Hawaiian.

Which is why they’re offering a whole load of prizes for anyone who solves this problem for them – all you have to do is design a pizza for Municipal Waste to gobble down when they’re in London next month.┬áRather than type all the specifics of this competition out, we’re going to be lazy and just re-post this:
Obviously this competition is a load of bobbins if you don’t happen to live close enough to London to make the show at The Scala, but hey, Municipal Waste don’t appear like they want to see much of the UK on this European tour anyway. You’ve got a week to fire your entries over to, so put on your aprons (actually don’t bother – you don’t need an apron to think up some pizza toppings) and remember that COOKING IST KREIG.

Municipal Waste 2010 UK tourdates
Birmingham Academy
Glasgow King Tuts
02 Leeds Cockpit
04 London Scala


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