Thrash Hits

January 13th, 2010

“Slayer” vs Shoreditch

Okay, before we go any further, we want to make it clear that we here at Thrash Hits no way endorse mindless acts of vandalism to either public or private property. Even when it seems like a demented Slayer fan is the one doing it.

It seems that in the very early hours of Tuesday morning, some renegade with a spray can roamed the streets of Hoxton and Shoreditch in East London, bombing up a square mile around Old Street with a Slayer tag. The guys over at Vice Magazine decided to bunk off work yesterday afternoon to investigate, and took a few snaps of his (or her?) handiwork before the powers that be (and…err…innocent local business people) scrubbed their doors and windows clean.

All images mercilessly half-inched from

We have to admit though, checking out this guy’s graffiti is still probably more entertaining than listening to¬†World Painted Blood. OUCH.



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