Thrash Hits

January 11th, 2010

Thrash Hits TV: Killswitch Engage LOVE The Simpsons

Blah blah blah how’s did the Taste of Chaos tour go? Blah blah blah let’s talk about the new album. Blah blah blah BORING. Rather than go through the same-old same-old during our interview with Justin Foley from Killswitch Engage, we decided to talk about something he wanted to talk about for a change: The Simpsons.

As Justin points out during our interview, he’s been a fan of The Simpsons for as long as he’s been drumming. That’s longer than some of you have probably been alive. Wow. That makes us feel ancient.

Watch Thrash Hits TV: Killswitch Engage love The Simpsons

Killswitch Engage are currently getting ready to tour the balls of the USA with a 33-date tour – rumours abound as to whether they’ll be returning to the UK this summer for a festival or two. Are there any other bands you want us to get inside the minds of an interrogate on their secret passions? Drop us a comment down below then!


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