Thrash Hits

January 18th, 2010

Valentine’s Day 2010: a show worth dumping your girlfriend for

Valentine’s Day – some see it as a day for love, and a night best spent in the arms of your truly beloved. Others spend it sneering at everyone that over-spent on novelty tat for their boy/girlfriends, and then spend the evening in the pub laughing at all the couples bickering and fighting on the streets. For Thrash Hits it is neither – Valentine’s Day is the day we’re going to go throw the fuck down to The Ghost Of A Thousand in Camden Town.

And unlike a disappointing Valentine’s Day with a lover we’re just not that into anymore, we’ll never have to fake it for The Ghost Of A Thousand – since the release of New Hopes, New Demonstrations, their live shows have been something else. For them to be on the bill with The Plight, former Future Hits-featurees Shotgun Riot, and Feed The Rhino, all for under a tenner? I don’t care what you managed to convince your lady-friend to let you do to her on your last birthday, she just ain’t as good as this is gonna be.

Ignore that website link on the flyer above – it’s wrong and doesn’t exist. Go to instead, and get your tickets for the unbelievably cheap price of £7.50 all in – there’s no booking fees or handling charges or anything. Bargain. You better go buy them right damn now, as this is bound to sell out sharpish.