Thrash Hits

February 15th, 2010

And the other two Main Stage headliners for Download Festival 2010 are…

…Aerosmith and Rage Against The Machine.

Was anyone else expecting that? We’d be lying if we said it came as a surprise to us. We’re sure that all sorts of people are voicing meaningless opinions over on Twitter right now as we speak. Or the Download Festival forums, if they haven’t crashed under the sheer weight of internet bitching that such announcements bring in their wake. Ho hum.

The next announcement – of five more bands – is due in the early hours of this morning, at around half past Midnight. We’re sure if your web connection doesn’t load fast enough to give you the news, it’ll also all be announced on the Radio 1 Rock Show. Which to be honest, we kinda hope you’d been planning to tune in to anyway.

Oh, and FYI – in case you missed us breaking the story on Friday night, we exclusively broke the news that Dillinger Escape Plan will also be at Download Festival 2010. Wonder if they’ll be in the next announcement?