Thrash Hits

February 10th, 2010

Ask Dillinger Escape Plan anything you bloody well like

This coming Friday, the mighty Dillinger Escape Plan are playing not one, but two sold-out shows at the Camden Barfly in London. And squashed between the two shows, Thrash Hits will be sticking a video camera in the bands’ collective face and shouting questions at them – questions we want you to provide. Yep, we’ll ask the New Jersey mob anything, anything, your warped little minds can come up with.

We’ve all been going a little bit mental over Option Paralysis here at Thrash Hits (expect a review here very, very soon), and we’re understandably more than a little bit excited for Friday’s gigs. We thought it was only fair to get some more of you involved with this orgy of DEP we’re getting set to indulge in this coming weekend. The end result will be kind of like this interview we did with the mighty Mastodon last year – only far more sillier, probably:

Yes, we genuinely will ask them pretty much anything. Drop us a comment, or an email, and let us know what you want us to ask. Want to know what colour underwear Greg Puciato was wearing when he shat on the stage at Reading? Or whether he swapped beefcake tips with Trent Reznor when DEP toured with NIN? Well, now’s your chance.



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