Thrash Hits

February 7th, 2010

Beard Of The Week 001: Laurent Barnard of Gallows

There are some things that have, are, and always will intrinsically embody the sheer bloody-minded awesomeness of heavy music. One of the most potent of these icons is that mighty manifestation of facial hair: the beard. If you think this is up for debate, then you are wrong.

And here at Thrash Hits, we plan on celebrating this fact every week by recognising an individual who has gone above and beyond standard beard requirements to further the cause of the Beard. So who’s our first winner?

The first recipient of the not-really-that-exclusive Beard Of The Week title goes to Lags from Gallows:

Our reasoning? Think about the British hardcore scene for a moment. Now think about the ratio of beards to baby-faces in the scene. A worrying situation, we think we can all agree. So for Lags to have cultivated such a majestic piece of all-over beardery in the face of such reckless beard-denialism, well, who are we do deny him the not-really coveted honour of Beard Of The Week?

However, stern investigation of Lags’ twitter reveals that sadly this beard is no longer with us – on Friday, it appears the guitarist took issue with the state of his chin, and took to it with a razor:

Beard is gone. I look 15 years old again. I miss the beard.

These words have been uttered by every man that has ever grown a beard, only to shave it all off in a fit of pique. They are the words of ultimate regret. But Lags won us back with his next tweet – the lad recognised his folly, and looks set to get back on board the beard-train: – I need to beat this. Maybe next Winter.

Our only response to that: why wait till Winter? Let’s get some Spring beard action going. We plan of looking fully Grizzly Adams by the time we hit Hammerfest.


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