Thrash Hits

February 13th, 2010

Beard Of The Week 002: Richie Mills of MiLLS/Cable

After the bizarre – but not unexpected – popularity of last week’s inaugural Beard of Week, we received plenty of emails with nominations for future weeks. But none came with a picture as sinister as this week’s winner. We’ll admit it: we were too terrified not to let him win.

The winner of the second ever Thrash Hits Beard of the Week goes to the enormous Richie Mills of MiLLS:

Seriously, does that photo not give anyone else a major case of the shivers? The fact that Mr Mills is about 9ft tall does not help matters. We’re gonna have creepy dreams of him looming over us with that murderer-stare he’s nailed for the photo above.

Actually, that’s a load of balls. The last time we saw Richie we were having a Nandos with him during the rather tepid Camden Rocks festival last year, moments before he dressed up as a Gorilla to provide the comedy drumming for Som “no, there’s no fucking My Vitriol album this year” Wardner’s cover of ‘In The Air Tonight’. See? He’s a gent at heart.

MiLLS have a new album, Decader, coming out on March 29. Please buy it, or we suspect he might still hurt us after all.