Thrash Hits

February 20th, 2010

Beard Of The Week 003: Scott Middleton of Cancer Bats

This week we had a tough decision as to who we’d give our slightly-ridiculous award in recognition of immense facial growth. Mainly because the first non-British winner of the prize had two great rivals to the accolade within his own band.

But despite tough competition from the beards of his bandmates Mike Peters and Jaye Schwarzer, we decided that this week we had to highlight the hairy chops of none other than Scott Middleton: guitarist, Canadian, and all-round gentleman of the Cancer Bats:

Just look at it! It’s like what we imagine a cosmopolitan sorcerer’s beard would look like if he ditched hosting seances for socialites and instead took up rough-housing the Canadian wilds. It’s got that well-conditioned pointedness that you know has only come about from some serious beard-stroking. Good work.

Cancer Bats have been on our minds a lot this week, in part due to a) they released a video to their raucous cover of ‘Sabotage’ by the Beastie Boys, and b) the band’s Twitter account alerted us to some acoustic versions of their songs that recorded in their studio. Now normally even the word ‘acoustic’ is enough to bring Thrash Hits out in a cold sweat – it brings back too many memories of being lost in the Reading Festival campsite at 4am, desperately trying to find that guy strumming Oasis cover songs on a six-string that we were determined to tear from his grasp and break over his head – but our unnatural man-love for all things Cancer Bats has meant these clips has left us confused.

Should we love it? Should we hate it? We don’t even know anymore. Cancer Bats are release ‘Sabotage’ as part of a download-only EP on March 02, in advance of their new album, Bears, Mayors, Scraps & Bones, which follows on April 13.