Thrash Hits

February 17th, 2010

Cancer Bats’ new video for ‘Sabotage’ gives us a raging hard-on

Let’s just get straight down to business: the almighty Canuck quartet, Cancer Bats, have released a video to their actually-pretty-fucking-awesome cover of the Beastie Boys’ ‘Sabotage’. And in the the few minutes before some wise-ass makes a copy of it and uploads it onto YouTube, all you need to do to see it is spread the word via your Facebook or Twitter account.

To see the video – in which the Cancer Bats boys desperately seek out the Beastie Boys to get them to star in their new video – first you’ll need to point your browser over to the Cancer Bats’ official website. Enter your login details for the social network / micro-blogging service of your choice, and voila! You’ll automatically make a Facebook post / Twitter tweet about watching the video, and Cancer Bats website will re-direct you to a video stream. Easy frickin’ peasy.

Watch Thrash Hits TV: Cancer Bats @ Sonisphere Festival 2009

Don’t worry if you don’t have a Facebook or a Twitter account – the link on Cancer Bats’ website will also direct you to in the direction of Twitter’s registration page, where you can make up a fake rubbish Twitter account to any old email address you’ve got lying about, and you never need to look at it ever again.

Cancer Bats will release ‘Sabotage’ with the track ‘Scared To Death’ (which is currently streaming on their MySpace page) as a download-only EP on March 02, in preparation for the release of their new album, Bears, Mayors, Scraps & Bones, which will be out on Hassle Records on April 13. And three days after that, the band are going to be in London to play a post-release party show at The Garage. Normally about now we’d tell you to yourself a ticket and join us for the inevitable carnage that will ensue, but it sold out ages ago. Durrrr.



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