Thrash Hits

February 15th, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year – the year of the METAL TIGER

Yes, yes, we know that Chinese New Year was yesterday but Sunday was already being spent doing Valentine’s Day stuff like creating a great V-Day Spotify Slaylist and going to see The Ghost Of A Thousand in a Camden grothole.

Ultimately, this Chinese year is the year of the Yang Metal Tiger. Is this the opposite or the spiritual partner of the Yin Steel Panther? Who knows?!

Anyway, that picture up there is a photo of a steel sculpture of a tiger at prestigious Yank college, Princeton. They have a tiger as their school logo. We got a fucking acorn at ours. Sometimes, we have to accept that Americans know what they’re doing. Acorns. What the fuck.

Here’s another picture of some metal tigers. They look like KISS!

metal tigers chinese new year kiss thrash hits

Just in case… Pretty sure this was photoshopped and no tigers had hypoallergenically tested face paints rubbed into their fur.

Thrash Hits TV: Metal Tiger Steel Panther @ Download Festival 2009



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