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February 17th, 2010

Metal Mark gets ticketed for drinking too much; hangs out with Baroness and Behemoth

What’s going on my metal friends! After two months I have returned to let you in on what I’ve been up to. Some of you may have been worried that I died of alcohol poisoning, maybe I should have three or four times, but I’m here! Luckily I could spend more on alcohol recently, since there were only a few shows coming through the Atlanta area. It worked out perfectly!

December was horribly slow for concerts, but I got to see The Black Dahlia Murder and Revocation for FREE, and then Baroness came to town at the end of the month. The Black Dahlia Murder is always a great live show, as well as being some of the coolest dudes to hang out with. I’ve seen them numerous times, but this was my first time catching Revocation live. Let me tell you……they were incredible! This 3-piece blew my fucking mind and if you haven’t checked these guys out, you must! What a killer band! Baroness came in a few weeks later on their tour with Torche, Pig Destroyer, and more. Want to hear something funny? I actually got a ticket for “Drinking In Public” before my interview with Baroness. How’s that for bullshit?!? I can’t have a beer outside the venue before a show! What a horrible world this is. Oh back to the show, Baroness was amazing and it was cool to hear the new stuff live. My night was kind of ruined with the ticket, so I left a little early to take my frustration out on my 30 pack of Budweiser at home. You can check out my interview with Baroness before the show here. Those guys are super cool. And now 2010…

After Christmas and a New Years Eve show with one of my favorite local bands, Project Mayhem, it was time for the New Year to start off with a bang. Between The Buried And Me, CYNIC, Devin Townsend, and Scale The Summit came to town. Believe it or not, I kept the alcohol to a minimum because I wanted to remember this show. Brief summary: Scale The Summit are way too talented for how old they are, Devin Townsend is still one of the best live acts to see, and then there is the phenomenal CYNIC. I haven’t been this excited to see a band in years and they did not disappoint. I grabbed one PBR, found my spot in the crowd, and let the music take over. I was in metal heaven from the beginning of the show to their last note. That band is in a league of their own. Honestly, as lame as this may be, I left the show after CYNIC. You can’t follow that band, it should be illegal. Don’t get me wrong, I love Between The Buried And Me and have seen them a thousand times, but nothing could top what CYNIC did on stage. So I left, because I knew in two weeks that the mighty BEHEMOTH was coming to town, and I had to prepare myself for that.

metal mark behemoth thrash hits skulls n bones

Behemoth is one of those bands that are just so powerful live, you can’t put it into words. They are perfection. Everything about their show screams metal, and your lucky if you have a voice left after the show. I was lucky enough to grab an interview with Nergal before the show and got to see their sound check as well. Nergal is such a class act, and one of the best front man in metal. It’s an honor every time I meet him, and I hope they come back very fucking soon. Check out the live videos I shot and see for yourself why. They destroy wherever they play and leave it all out there on the stage for the fans. AWESOME!

Watch Metal Mark interviewing Behemoth on

Ok so that was my two months wrapped up as well as I can remember. I’m sure I am leaving out something, but I’m lucky if I can remember my name sometimes. February has so many shows, that I may need a vacation afterwards. I have upcoming interviews with Fear Factory, DevilDriver, Thy Will Be Done, Nile, The Black Dahlia Murder, Living Sacrifice, and maybe a few others. It’s gonna be a very metal month, with a ton of PBR being thrown down my throat. Sweeeet!

Keep it heavy my metal friends and don’t forget to check out for all your metal needs!



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