Thrash Hits

February 3rd, 2010

Video: Fear Factory gets homoerotic with ‘Fear Campaign’

We’re sure they were going for the ‘Angry Men In Uniforms Oppress And Torture People’ vibe, but to be honest, when we watch the Fear Factory‘s new video for their track, ‘Fear Campaign’, all it leaves us thinking is that the boys in the band just like to put on tight military costumes and hang out with naked dudes.

The first Fear Factory video in nearly a decade to with both Burton C Bell and Dino Cazares also features graphic images of war, violence, desperation, oppression, religious iconography, guns, men with guns, men in gas masks with guns, drugs paraphernalia, a guy with a bag over his head, and big scary dogs. Lots and lots of bloody big scary dogs, barking menacingly at the camera.

Watch the video to ‘Fear Campaign’ by Fear Factory. Oo-er!

Let’s just take a moment and examine a few freeze-frames of the creepier moments from that little beauty above – we could’ve grabbed a whole load more, but it’s after midnight when I’m typing this and trying to grab all those single-frame images is about to give me an epileptic fit:

See what we mean? There’s a prize in it for anyone that can make us a sweet animated gif of all the single-frame facial expressions Burton C Bell pulls off during his close-ups in the video. For serious.