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March 12th, 2010

Album: Mnemic – Sons of the System

Sons of the System
Nuclear Blast
18 January 2010


by Andy Parker

The release of The Audio Injected Soul saw Denmark’s Mnemic receive serious acclaim from the metal world. Released in 2004, for many it was the teat desperately needed since the demise of the industrial nipple that was Fear Factory. Similar characteristics appeared and with single ‘Deathbox’ reaching charts worldwide the band quickly became a hot property.

But since their second, and most notable release, Mnemic have ridden a rough dirt road. Several line up changes, including two vocalists, means that not only does one record not sound similar to the last, but the entire soundscape has been terraformed into something totally alien.

It is this very reason that it has taken me some time to truly digest Sons of the System. It is impossible to compare it to any of their previous releases, each are so significantly different that it would be completely unjust to do anything other than asses Mnemic as it stands today.

Sons, is a grower, but if you allow it to, the fruit is oh so sweet. If the first two releases leaned towards Devin Townsend’s Strapping Young Lad, then Sons of the System is their Ocean Machine: Biomech – epic, carefully planned and meticulously executed. Big expansive choruses are the lynchpin to each track, often leaving you feeling like you have reached the end of the earth and are staring into the abyss. In particular,  ‘March Of The Tripods’, which I can only assume is a throwback to War Of The Worlds, boils this formula up in a test-tube with your ears as the Bunsen burner.

There are still small elements of the old Mnemic on display though. Occasional tread plate blasts appear which break up the magnum opus presented before you such as the title track which nails through some rather nasty riffage end to end.

Watch Mnemic mucking about in the studio

Hopefully the current line up can hold it all together and in a few years time we will see another release, one I hope follows this new direction because there is something in there, it’s just not quite getting out yet. After 2007’s Passenger, I felt that Mnemic were a hair’s breadth away from greatness, now I feel that they’re a nails length away, but for some may not quite have caught the ledge before the burning rope bridge collapses below their feet.


Sounds Like: Devin Townsend, Fear Factory, Ocean Machine, Puscifier
Top Tracks: Sons of the system, March Of The Tripods,Elongated Sporadic Bursts

Mnemic – Sons of the System tracklisting:
Sons of the System
Diesel Uterus
The Erasing
Climbing Towards Stars
March of the Tripods
Elongated Sporadic Bursts



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