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March 22nd, 2010

Album: Rinoa – An Age Among Them

An Age Among Them
15 March 2010

by Andy Parker

Three years ago, I witnessed a young band starting out on the road playing the difficult act of first-on supporting Shels and Latitudes. Formed of ex-Crydebris and Symmetry members, Rinoa breezed into existence with their Envy, Russian Circles take on post-hardcore.

Finally, after much wait, touring extensively with Devil Sold His Soul and a spectacular performance at last years Offset Festival on the Thrash Hits-sponsored Hardcore stage, their label EyesOfSound has finally letting go of the leash and set their debut album, An Age Among Them, out into the wild.

Residing on a label that boasts a roster including Palehorse, Devil Sold His Soul, Manatees, We Are Carnivores and Bossk, you should be able to get a good grasp of what Rinoa are about. What sets Rinoa apart from so many of their peers though, is that every tune is uplifting. From the drum/guitar intro to opener ‘Past Maidens’, right through to the shuddering closer ‘The Gates’ you are welcomed with open arms, the warm embrace of an old friend bringing you in form the cold.

There is no egotism or hypocrisy with Rinoa. Anyone who has seen their live performances will know that this is a group who not only respect what they’re doing, but more importantly the people who come to watch them. Not only has this mentality put them firmly among the ranks of the most respected touring bands in the UK today, but it makes them far more accessible as individuals in turn their music is strengthened by this fact.

The manner in which vocalist Perry Bryan screams his way into your soul is so heartfelt that even those averse to the style of delivery can’t help appreciate it’s melodic nature, the sincerity given to every drawn out word and the way in which it accentuates such a beautiful ensemble. The guitar work of Jozef Norocky and Matthew Holden is captivating and sits atop the driving force of drummer James May and bassist David Gumbleton like the cherry on an ice cream sundae.

Everything about this record is perfect and for that reason, I am so glad they have made us all wait this long to experience it. Produced by Johnny Renshaw of Devil Sold His Soul, it has that same intensity that was found on his own band’s A Fragile Hope album. The artwork is by drummer Dan Hoang, also of Crydebris fame, it’s clean white layout only goes to heighten the experience. A nice change is that the iTunes release also comes with the artwork so those without CD players (do they exist yet?) wont lose out on lyric sheets.

Watch Rinoa’s 2009 tour video

It has to be said that right now EyesOfSound are releasing killer record after killer record, and since they have both Rinoa’s debut EP and their split 12” with the sadly broken-up Bossk still available, these should be your next logical purchases. With Rinoa already setting up live dates to promote the release, and positive reviews everywhere, they’ll be on a lot of playlists not just in 2010, but for many, many years to come.


Sounds like: Devil Sold His Soul, Mono, Envy, Latitudes, Red Sparrows, Russian Circles
Top tracks: Sol Winds, An Empty Canvas, This Is Our View

Rinoa – An Age Among Them tracklisting
Past Maidens
This Land Will Hold Their Wings
Sol Winds
Fires In The Distant North
An Empty Canvas
This Is Our View
The Gates



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