Thrash Hits

March 20th, 2010

Beard Of The Week 004: Ben Weinman of The Dillinger Escape Plan

The winner of Beard of the Weeks should come as no surprise. We’ve been holding back our admiration for this American example of all that is good and proper regarding facial hair for some time now, and this week has given us the perfect excuse to finally let it all out.

Considering this week we’ve featured intervews (plural!) with the man himself, as well as a review of the band’s quite frankly ball-busting and brain-breakingly badass new album, Option Paralysis – it’s no surprise that the winner this week is the creative centre of The Dillinger Escape Plan. Step forward and claim the glory: Ben Weinman.

Look! A whole damn gallery of Ben’s beard

As the only founder member of DEP still in the line-up, Ben’s beard is symbolic of his musical stamina. While he might not have been as vocal as his bandmate Greg Puciato in our interviews, we at Thrash Hits think that wearers of mighty beards don’t need to do the talking – their mighty chin-growths are more than enough of a statement in themselves.

Watch Thrash Hits TV: The Dillinger Escape Plan on Option Paralysis

Option Paralysis is released on Party Smasher / Season of Mist on Monday, but you can listen to it being streamed right damn now over on the band’s official MySpace page. Bloody hell, it’s a great record.