Thrash Hits

March 30th, 2010

Invade TV hangs out with The Dillinger Escape Plan in London, videos it

dep dillinger escape plan band promo photo thrash hits 2010

While we were happy simply chatting to The Dillinger Escape Plan about their new album, Option Paralysis and covering Beyonce in vanilla protein shake, our pals at actually followed them around prior to the evening edition of their London Camden Barfly double bill in February.

Brilliantly the video kicks off with the band preparing to go onstage by threatening to “suck today’s cock”. According to beefy frontman Greg Puciato, will apparently be a BBD. There’s one for the spam filters to swivel on…

Mainly used in interracial pornography
Big Black Dick

Dillinger Escape Plan Option Paralysis Thrash Hits 2010 new album

Then there’s three minutes of madness which some people call a song called ‘Good Neighbor’, but whatever. The Dillinger Escape Plan are just a band. Yeah, right.



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