Thrash Hits

March 22nd, 2010

Photos: Steel Panther @ Sheffield O2 Academy – Saturday, 20 March 2010

The rise of Steel Panther in the UK has been nothing short of meteoric. This time last year, only a handful of people this side of the Atlantic had any idea who they were – now they’re playing to literally thousands of people on what is their second tour of the UK in less than a year.

You could say that this is because “the joke” has spread outside of metal circles now. You could say that the band are at least making the most of it before the Internet Generation gets bored and moves on to the next meme-made-flesh. But if you say that, you’re a douche. Lighten. The. Fuck. Up.

Our resident Sheffield snapper extraordinaire, Gary Wolstenholme was on hand to capture the Panther glory up close and personal. What do we mean about “up close and personal”? Well, just check out the volume of crotch-shots we’ve got and you’ll see what we mean.

Steel Panther @ Sheffield Corporation photo gallery courtesy of Gary Wolstenholme.

That’s not all we’ve got from Steel Panther’s latest trip to the UK. Later in the week we’ll have a sexy-exclusive video involving Satchel, a guitar, and our very own Amit Sharma. And no, we’re not talking about a sex tape. Dirty, dirty readers!


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