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March 23rd, 2010

Ryan Adams goes METAL

ryan adams thrash hits band promo photo orion

Having been on “hiatus from music” and married to singer-cum-actress-cum-designer Mandy Moore for just over a year, 35-year-old, Grammy-nominated rocker Ryan Adams is returning to the scene with a metal record called Orion.

To be a bit more accurate, Orion is only “metal influenced”, much in the same way that Bullet For My Valentine – arguably Britain’s biggest metal band since Iron Maiden – are influenced by metal. Admittedly this is all a bit lame but this track, ‘Electrosnake’ is not bad at all.

It sounds more like a mid-90s noise-rock album than anything but that’s still ok. At least he’s trying. At 50 seconds he actually shouts, “METAL! METAL!” Is that cool? We can’t decide.

Here is a photo of Ryan Adams’ really lovely wife, Mandy Moore displaying exactly what she thinks of her husband’s new project.

mandy moore thrash hits ryan adams



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