Thrash Hits

March 21st, 2010

Sunday Spotify Slaylist: Power Metal

Normally we leave it up to our Deputy Editor to cobble together our Slaylists when he’s one shade or another of hungover. Not so this week – step forward Tom Dare with his Slaylist of EPIC proportions…

In a world where metal rules (“and if you don’t like it die” Paul Baloff), one nation consistently ignored one of the finest styles of metal. That nation was the UK, and that style was power metal. One man began a quest to expose some of the ultimate greatness displayed by power metal bands.

Unfortunately he was busy, so he had to settle for putting together a truly awesome Spotify Slaylist for Thrash Hits. The aim was to try and display the variety that the term “power metal” has come to encompass, from the symphonic silliness of fantasy-obsessed bands like Rhapsody and Fairyland, through the riffy optimism of Thunderstone and Firewind to the prog/power crossover of Symphony X and Kamelot and the neo-classical fret-wanking of Yngwie Malmsteen’s Rising Force. In doing so it takes in some of the founding pioneers of power metal such as Manowar and (of course) Helloween, modern greats like Sonata Arctica and HammerFall (that’s them picture above) and the rising stars of Power Quest and Sabaton. It takes in classics from the birth of the genre and goes right up to this year. Most importantly, it’s a brilliant collection of stunning songs.

Spotify are still limiting new free users to their service, but since we’ve got an absolute shedload of invites anyone who hasn’t downloaded Spotify already can just send us an email and we’ll get you sorted quick-snap. Yes, we are that awesome.

Listen to our Sunday Spotify Slaylist: Power Metal Special

This really has very little to do with Power Metal other than the lulz

And yes, unfortunately we couldn’t resist putting a DragonForce song in, but it’s the last track. It also sounds nothing like DragonForce – no fast widdling that is very impressive but not actually any good – it’s genuinely slow and good fun. If you still feel the need to bitch about our Slaylist, then might we direct your attention to the comments section below?


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