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March 19th, 2010

Thrash Hits TV: The Dillinger Escape Plan vs The Fans

dillinger escape plan band promo photo thrash hits 2010

After our ‘proper’ edition of Thrash Hits TV with The Dillinger Escape Plan where we chatted solely about their new album, Option Paralysis and related goings on, we only thought it fair to ask them really stupid stuff as well. Thankfully, we asked you guys what you wanted to know. This guaranteed that we asked them stupid stuff.

We asked questions like…

Greg, before you did a shit onstage at Reading Festival… what the hell did you eat to make your poo that colour??

As well as really awesome stuff like…

Greg, why don’t you grow a beard??

Greg Puciato had a beard at the time of asking the question and goes on to sing some fucking Jodeci. SEE THIS ALL FOR YOURSELF.

Thrash Hits TV: Dillinger Escape Plan vs The Fans

We reviewed the album and thought it was worth a full 6 marks out of 6. That’s some heavy fucking metal, people. Click and read.

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