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March 11th, 2010

Video: The Defiled – ‘The Resurrectionists’

Okay, okay – we’re a little late on this one. The Defiled actually released this video to ‘The Resurrectionts’ –  one of the centrepiece tracks from their excellent 1888 EP – last weekend. We just failed to mention it because we’ve either a) been out of the country, b) been moving house, and c) have been battling the technical gremlins all fucking week.

But our troubles really shouldn’t be your concern right now – it should be this video. Because this track is awesome.

What makes our lack of shouting about it all the worse is that this was promoted on the front page of MySpace. Outmanuevered by MyFrickinSpace? We should be ashamed of ourselves. Anyway – moving swiftly on – if you’re into creepy rotting hands, bugs, candles on goat skulls, and freakish animated bones and teeth and shit like that, then you’ll dig this video from The Defiled. Considering those things are pretty much what we Thrash Hits keep ourselves entertained with most weekends, it was right up our alley.

Watch the video to ‘The Resurrectionists’ by The Defiled

As we’ve already mentioned above, ‘The Resurrectionists’ can be found on the 1888 EP by The Defiled, which is out now on In At The Deep End Records. We gave it a beyond-respectable 5.5 out of 6 when we reviewed it last year, and if you head over to IATDE’s website, you can still get it as part of a pretty fucking swanky t-shirt bundle deal. Sweet.

Somewhat bizarrely, The Defiled are supporting the nu-metal car-crash that is (hed)p.e. on the final three dates of their current UK tour. We’ve heard that (hed)p.e. are playing ‘Crazy Legs’ TWICE on every night of this tour. We’ll mirror that epic display of laziness and contempt for one’s audience by leaving you to make up your own joke regarding that.

The Defiled Spring 2010 tourdates
London Camden Underworld (supporting (hed)p.e.)
17 Southampton Talking (supporting (hed)p.e.)
18 Brighton Engine Rooms (supporting (hed)p.e.)
21 London Highbury Garage (supporting Delain)
Gorefest @ Northampton Roadmenders



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