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April 10th, 2010

Interview: Dommin – “Black goes with everything.”

Dommin are making plenty of friends in the UK so we thought we’d ask lead singer and the man the band was named after a few puzzling questions. His name? Kristofer Dommin and he’d love to play with Jared Leto’s massive band.

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You have cultivated quite the quiff there. Any tips on sculpting the ultimate quiff?
Quiff, is that a hair term? No, I’ve got no tips. I’m still trying to get my own hair right.

What marks you out as different to other bands around at the moment?
You’ll have to ask our fans. I’m not one to boast.

Tell us about your image. You’ve got the whole I Only Wear Black Clothes Cos Black Clothes Are Awesome thing down to a tee.
I think we simply dress ourselves in what we think looks good like anyone does. And black goes with everything.

Why do you think that despite being around for a few years now (a decade?), your music is emerging now?
I think things tend to happen at the right times for the right reasons. So, I guess it’s just the right time.

What has been the most noticeable difference since your increased profile?
The most noticeable difference is the number of people at our shows singing the songs back to me.

How’s the extended touring been for you so far? Any moments stand out – either positive or negative?
For me the most positive stand out moments are always meeting the fans every night. It’s nice to meet the people that appreciate what I’m doing face to face and shake their hands and thank them for their support. The most negative moment was probably when we were driving in what I refer to as our freezer on wheels. It was the van we toured Europe in with a broken heater. I was really thirsty so I grabbed one of the water bottles that was under my seat only to find it was frozen solid. No wonder I got sick three times on that tour!

With which band would your dream tour be?
I think a Dommin and 30 Seconds To Mars show would be a great bill.

What bands do you consider as part of your scene or as your peers?
I think because we fall in the middle and touch on a lot of different genres, I could say that our peers are anyone from 30 Seconds to AFI to Rammstein or Type O Negative to Depeche Mode.

Your lyrics seem to be explicitly personal and emotional. How has it been playing those songs night after night? Has there been any noticeable desensitisation on your part?
No. The songs are about moments and those moments will always be true. And the truth never loses its potency.

What have you got planned for the future?
Domminating the world. We’re looking forward to playing the Download and Sonisphere festivals!

What other band should everyone find out about?
The Kill Corps. (A quite ridiculous army-themed band from Hollywood, FYI – TH Ed)

What is your favourite meat?
Tender meat!

Tell us a joke.
I’m not a comedian. If you want to laugh, look in the mirror.


In all fairness, that thing about “Domminating” the world was pretty hilarious but suggesting the collective beardy Thrash Hits faces are funny? That’s just downright mean, if not quite true. Yep, so that was Kristofer Dommin realising we’re stupid whilst making the most emo meat choice EVERRR.



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