Thrash Hits

April 7th, 2010

Sonisphere Festival 2010: 12 more bands; significantly fewer thrills

Sonisphere Festival has just announced another 12 bands for Knebworth – and we’ve got to admit, we’re just a little underwhelmed. First off, Pendulum are the “Special Guests” (i.e., they’re headlining the smaller of the two stages) on Friday 30 July. Which is Iron Maiden day. Hmmmmm.

Also confirmed for this year’s Sonisphere Festival are Alice In Chains (who while they are fucking amazing, the fact remains they played last year), are Lacuna Coil, Therapy?, Dir en Grey (all of whom were “Download Festival” acts in 2009), Europe (who last year headlined Kilimanjaro’s other metal festival interest Bloodstock Open Air), Terrorvision (on what is no doubt their 34th reunion or somesuch), Rise To Remain (oh), Evile (okay, we’ll admit this is a great booking), Municipal Waste (even better!), Sick Of It All (three good ‘uns in a row!) and Renegades.

Renegades. You know. That band that’s two of the guys from Feeder (who…erm…played Sonisphere last year) playing some songs you won’t have ever heard. We guess if Reading & Leeds Festivals are trying to reclaim some of the “rock” ground they’ve lost to Sonisphere and Download these last few years, there’s just not enough big-name “rock” bands to go around anymore…

The UK leg of Sonisphere Festival 2010 is taking place once again at Knebworth Park, this year from Friday July 30 to Sunday August 01. The bands announced today join Iron Maiden, Rammstein, Alice Cooper, and all the other bands that have been trotted out thus far. Weekend tickets are available from £132.50, so get yourself over to the Sonisphere website and buy one. If you’re so inclined.