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April 4th, 2010

Sunday Spotify Slaylist: Easter Special

It’s Easter – if you’ve got any sense you’re in a chocolate-coma right now. Unless you’ve like our man Tom Dare, in which case you’re emailing us Satanic heavy metal Slaylists of the most blasphemous kind imaginable.

Heavy Metal doesn’t really “do” Easter that well. Oh, we’re sure there’s probably some Christian Metal Bands out there singing about the Last Supper and the Resurrection and all that, but Christian Metal is basically 99% bollocks, and we sure as shit weren’t going to make a Slaylist full of that.

But what Metal does do well is is blasphemy, satanism, paganism, atheism and stuff that in some way promotes something that the Pope would strongly disapprove of. Much in the way the rest of the right-thinking world disapproves of covering-up institutionalised paedophilia. OhYesWeJustWentThere.

When Tom Dare sent us a submission for this week’s Slaylist, it was a hell of a lot better than the half-arsed collection of songs we were in the middle of putting together, so we threw out our efforts and used his choices instead. In his own words “I do this at most religious holidays for my own pleasure”. Tom, after listening to this week’s Slaylist, we’re glad you’re on our side.

Spotify areĀ still limiting new free users to their service, but we have a couple of invites left for anyone who hasn’t bagged Spotify already. Send us an email and we’ll see if get you sorted out sharpish. It’s not quite as good as a free Easter egg, but hey.

Listen to our Sunday Spotify Slaylist: Easter Special

Watch the Heavy Metal Vicar give a sermon about Easter

Are we too harsh in dismissing 99% of Christian Metal as bollocks? Is it too soon to make Catholic-Church Paedophile-Scandal jokes? Should we have made sure we put ‘Old’ by Machine Head on there? our Or maybe something by Kill II This on the Slaylist? Actually, that’d probably be going a bit too far. Anyway, why don’t you bitch about it in the comments below?


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