Thrash Hits

April 13th, 2010

Thrash Hits TV: Steel Panther’s Satchel talks guitar

Regular readers of Thrash hits will know that our man Amit Sharma is a bit of a guitar-nut. Which is why we sent him to talk guitars with Russ Parrish – the man probably know to you as Steel Panther’s funny-as-fuck six-stringer, Satchel. Parrish is also something of an axe-freak – hell, the man’s something of a virtuoso. 

As well as the absurdly-catchy pop-glam riffery from Feel the Steel (and writing something popularist ain’t as easy as you might imagine), Parrish was the man Rob frickin’ Halford turned to when he needed a guitarist for Fight, his first project after leaving Judas Priest back in the early 90s.

If Rob frickin’ Halford thinks you rock, then you’ve got the Top Trump. Someone gives you some lip, throws some attitude your way, all you have to do is say “Hey, Rob frickin’ Halford says I’m The Man. What the fuck have you got to say for yourself? Exactly.” End of arguement.

Watch Thrash Hits TV: Steel Panther’s Satchel talks guitar:

Like Satchel acknowledges, that pick-slide from the end of the interivew would’ve sounded a whole lot better cracked out an electric guitar instead of an acoustic…and who knows? Maybe if we’re very, very, very lucky, we might get a chance to see that wish become a reality….


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