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April 16th, 2010

Tour Diary: Between The Buried And Me and The Red Chord blitz Japan

Last month Between The Buried And Me went to Japan for the first time ever, with their buds The Red Chord playing in support. Our man in Japan, Mike Strata, went along for the ride. And he kicked all their asses at Mario Kart.

What do progressive/tech/death metal, preposterous amounts of Mario Kart, masturbation eggs, and the delights of the McGriddle have in common? The answer is (of course) nothing, but for 6 short days, these seemingly disparate elements were thrown together on a trek from one end of Japan to the other as Between The Buried And Me and The Red Chord descended upon the land of the rising sun and went hog wild on a whistlestop tour of its major cities.

Between The Buried And Me in Japan photo gallery courtesy of Miwa Yuzawa.

Touring Japan is not like touring other countries. While people in Britain moan about having to get on a bus for 20 minutes to get to a venue, Between The Buried And Me and The Red Chord’s debut Japanese tour saw some fans travel the length and breadth of the entire country in order to catch all 4 dates. That’s dedication for you.

Luckily, your erstwhile Japanese correspondent, Mike Strata, managed to achieve the same result without spending a fortune or coming across like a nutball stalker-type – being hired by the bands as as a combination of tour guide, translator, roadie and general all-round ‘dude on the bus’ helps in that respect. And it turns out that being a ‘dude-on-the-bus’ mostly involves hustling members of the bands into composing jingles for well-known snack products.

Watch how Gunface (TRC guitar) and Blake (BTBAM drums) keep themselves entertained on the road:

Although the guys in The Red Chord had previously visited Japan on only one occasion, but this left them slightly more prepared for events than the still-wet-behind-the ears BTBAM crew, for whom it was their first time in the home of sushi, pokemon and more than slightly disturbing manga porn. What their expectations were before the tour is unclear, perhaps they just wanted to play some shows, see some sights, buy some souvenirs. Little did they know that as they would get their asses handed to them so often at Mario Kart. Or see quite so much of that aforementioned freaky manga porn. Or spend quite so much time discussing masturbation eggs. What happens on tour, stays on tour…

The Red Chord in Japan photo gallery courtesy of Miwa Yuzawa.

Between The Buried And Me are currently touring the tits off North America, but they will be returning to Europe for a brief jaunt in June, which includes a solitary show in London. Screw you, everyone else in the country! The Red Chord are in Europe right damn now, and will be landing in the UK for a 5-date tour from Sunday.

The Red Chord April UK tourdates:
London Camden Underworld
19 Birmingham O2 Academy 3
20 Newcastle O2 Academy 2
21 Leeds Rios
22 Plymouth White Rabbit


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